A mala is a string of beads traditionally used in japa meditation to count recitations of a mantra. 
These necklaces consist of 108 beads and support mindfullness and focus as you recite
mantras, prayers, or affirmations. Malas can be used in meditation, worn throughout the day
to help you manifest the energy of the gemstones, or serve as a gentle reminder
of your intention during your daily life.




Inspired by tradition and guided by intention, these gemstone malas

are personalized to you and your intention. Do you want to be a part of the process?

You decide how much or how little input you want to have. I'll help guide you through the process

with questions and prompts for setting an intention, selecting gemstones based on their healing properties and energetics, and choosing bead size. All malas are hand knotted with nylon string. Your intention is held during the making of the mala and is sealed with the tying of each knot. Finished malas are cleansed in salt water or sage depending on the particular gemstones used and then are charged in the sunlight before packaging. 

They will arrive in a bag for storage with instructions for use and descriptions of each of the

gemstones used. Pricing varies depending on gemstones used and bead sizes.

*Extended...Black Friday Sale now through midnight on November 28th. Get 30% off custom malas and mala making workshops. This discount is only valid on 8mm bead size custom malas (regularly priced at $140-180). 

Use CODE "OmForTheHolidays" when inquiring. 




Make and design your own beautiful mala from a variety of different gemstones. Gather virtually

in community or with a group of friends. This 2-hour long workshop is taught over 2 separate days. It will begin with an intention setting meditation, covers the history and use of malas, and will include guided instruction on all aspects of mala making. Participants will be expected to complete the majority of knotting on their own after the first day. We will finish with a guided meditation using your very own malas. All materials are provided. Contact us for scheduling a private group or join an upcoming class. Classes are limited to 6 participants.

This workshop is currently being taught via zoom.

Mala kits include 108 counting beads (plus several extra),

spacer beads (optional), a guru bead, nylon cord, embroidery thread, a beading needle,

a storage bag for your finished mala, and instructions on use and care.

*Pre-registration is required and is non-refundable.

Upcoming Workshops

February 5th & 6th 10am PST (virtual)

Mala kits will be available for pick up in West Linn the weekend prior to the workshop. For those residing outside of West Linn, OR. we are happy to ship within the United States for an additional $8. Register below.

*Registration required by January 9th.

*Extended...Black Friday Sale now through midnight on November 28th.

Get 30% off custom malas and mala making workshops.

Use CODE "OmForTheHolidays" when registering. 

Past Workshops

September 25th & 26th 8am PST/10am CST*

*Available to students of Namaskar Yoga only (Chicago)

Register through Namaskar Yoga

Mala kits will be available for pickup at Namaskar 1-2 weeks before the workshop. 

Pre-registration required by 9/1/21

September 25th & 26th 9am PST/10am CST

Register through the My Healing Homestead Contact page

Mala kits will be mailed directly to participants. 

Preregistration is required by 9/1/21