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Acupuncture in Portland!

Later this month, I will be joining an amazing group of practitioners at Prema Health in SE Portland. I will be providing temporary coverage for the incredibly talented Corinne LeBlanc of Portland Pediatric Acupuncture while she is on leave. Corinne and I met a couple of years ago at a pediatric acupuncture training and have kept in touch ever since, hoping our paths would cross again. It is an honor to be covering her practice. I will be at Prema Health seeing both pediatric and adult patients from June 11 - August 29, 2021.

Prema Health is located in the Breathe Building, a sustainably built gathering and event space that is home to multiple incredible healing resources. I am just now learning more about this amazing space! The Breathe Building not only houses the amazing team of healing practitioners at Prema Health, but also Feed the Mass, a non-profit cooking education organization that offers classes and provides over 5,000 free meals per week to the community, and the Elevate BIPOC Market, a monthly outdoor pop-up market for BIPOC businesses and vendors. Additionally, there are multiple other classes and workshops offered in this incredible space, including rooftop yoga. What a fantastic way to welcome in the summer!

While providing acupuncture in the hospital setting was an incredible and hugely meaningful experience, I have missed aspects of my practice that had to be set aside during that time. I am looking forward to welcoming those pieces back in! I look forward to the magical swirl of moxa smoke over acupuncture points, the softening of the body after fire cupping, the aroma of essential oils and liniments, and delving into discussions of both Eastern nutrition and herbal name a few! I am also looking forward to the flexibility of working with both children and adults again.

If you're in Portland and are interested in exploring acupuncture either for yourself or your child, I would love to work with you. Scheduling is available through Prema Health.

Prema Health is located in the Breathe Building

2305 SE 50th Ave. Suite 200

Portland, OR 97215

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