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We got ducklings! I still can hardly believe it. A week ago Friday, I drove to Monroe with the kids not knowing if we would be driving home with or without ducks. You had to call the Monday before to request an appointment time for the "chick room". When we called on Monday, we were scheduled for 12:30pm. It was possible that the Indian Runner ducklings would be sold out by the time we got there. When we arrived, they were already talking about some breeds not having made the delivery that morning and other breeds already being sold out. Ah! A salesperson called our name and took down what we wanted. He disappeared behind closed doors and returned handing us a tiny cardboard box folded shut. "Here you go", he said.

Being that I had my hands full with two kids, we opted to keep the box closed. We drove all 40 minutes home without ever seeing what we had just gotten ourselves into! We were all so excited hearing the little peeps and chirps coming from the box.

We've had our ducklings for just over a week now and so far, so good! They are incredibly cute and incredibly MESSY! Thankfully, all of the mess is contained to their brooder and easy to clean. They make the sweetest little chirps and are a ton of fun to watch. An added bonus that we didn't expect...therapy ducks! What an incredible gift during a pandemic. We each take turns holding the ducklings and a sense of calm and softness soon follows. The duckling hunkers down in your palm or lap and will sometimes fall asleep. It is pretty incredible. The kids even calm when they're holding one and will sometimes sing them a song or ask to read them a story. It's one of those moments that you take a mental picture of so you have something to hold on to when the other chaotic circus-like moments of life with kids kick in! For now, we are appreciating the sense of lightness and calm that they have added to our lives. The coop is still in progress and the ducklings have at least another month in doors.

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