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New happenings on the homestead!!!

Big news! My Healing Homestead is now the home site for my private practice located in our little patch of developing urban homestead in the historic Willamette neighborhood of West Linn, a charming city about 30 minutes south of Portland, Oregon. The website has a fresh new look as it has evolved from being solely a creative outlet and blog to now include this new adventure.

I am excited to welcome both pediatric and adult patients into the serene treatment space nestled in our tranquil garden. My practice combines my experience in pediatrics, integrative oncology, women's health, and general wellness with a focus on integrative and evidence-based medicine. The studio office is complete with lots of natural light, plants and gemstones, and a treatment table covered by a Biomat. If you're not familiar with this amazing piece of technology (partially designed by NASA!)...imagine the combination of a heating pad, far-infrared sauna, and amethyst gemstone healing...hello RELAXATION! It has been my experience that acupuncture treatment benefits are further enhanced by the Biomat and the deep warmth that they provide is especially welcome this time of year. The studio has a private bathroom, medical grade HEPA air filter, a skylight, and windows that open to the garden. I look forward to patients being a part of our developing homestead and the transformation we hope to create.

I continue to make customized gemstone malas and have immensely enjoyed creating these unique pieces for those that have inquired. Thank you if you have been a part of this exploration! While malas are a meditation tool that supports mindfulness and focus, they also offer a meaningful reverence to the intention of the individual further supported energetically by beautiful gemstones. They make a deeply thoughtful and personal gift that supports the attempt to slow down and be present amongst the rush and occasional chaos of daily life. If you are curious about gifting a mala this holiday season, please reach out via my website. I would love to create something for you or a loved one! I will be offering more virtual mala making workshops in the new year with dates TBD.

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