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So you think you want to have chickens some day?

We moved to Seattle in 2011. It was some time around that time that we had started talking about what might be possible...a garden, composting, chickens? Did people really have chickens in the city? Shortly after our move we heard about the Chicken Coop & Urban Farm Tour hosted by Tilth's Alliance (formerly the Seattle Tilth). Seriously!?! Could there be anything more fun and perfect when you’re contemplating thoughts like these? The Chicken Coop and Urban Farm Tour is a day long, self-guided tour of backyard gardens, coops, and farms complete with everything from chickens to ducks, bees to goats! Hosts are there to chat as you go by. Lots of great information is shared and awesome ideas can be gathered. I felt like a kid in a candy shop!

Soon after the coop tour, I bought my first Chickens magazine. The gears were turning and I was dreaming of owning chickens some day. So fast forward to 2020. It wasn’t until my best friend told me she was getting chickens that we decided to make the jump. I mean what better time, I was already home quarantined with the kids. Their summertime activities were cancelled and something new and exciting at home would really help to perk us all up. We had been pondering how we could do more from home, in particular, how to be more self sufficient when it comes to our food.

We pondered the thought more, did our research, and chickens...DUCKS! #urbancoops #backyardbirds

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