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Take a leap!

About 2 years ago, we planted the mental seed of moving to Portland. It would allow us more space for our growing family and closer proximity to family as well. It was no small feat. The move would mean leaving behind all that had become familiar in Seattle...the home we raised our family in, our jobs, our neighbors who had become friends, our children's daycare, and our day to day life...but we had aspirations of something a little bit different. We had a dream. We were willing to take the leap and put the plans in motion. My mantra and mental self-talk became about trust...trusting my intuition, trusting the universe, and trusting that my family and I would be taken care of. The positive self talk became constant and meditation became a frequent welcome necessity. It felt like an open armed leap into the unknown.

I'm happy to say, we landed! We now have a beautiful home in a dreamy area 30 minutes south of Portland, a thriving garden with plans to soon welcome back our ducks and future plans to start a new vegetable garden. My husband was able to start work almost immediately at an incredible hospital. I was able to cover for an acupuncturist on leave over the summer where I was given the opportunity to find my feet again in a practice environment outside of the hospital walls. While I would not change my experience in the hospital for anything, I am excited to welcome back the flexibility that one is allowed in a different practice environment. I am excited to work with adult patients again. I am excited to offer the amazing support of herbal medicine and watch moxa smoke as it drifts over the body. I enjoy the sound of twinkly music playing and whispering those that enter the space into a state of peace, calm, and deep relaxation. I enjoy crystals sitting on my shelf and in the corner of a room contributing their own healing vibes to these visits. This Fall, I will begin teaching at one of the acupuncture school in Portland. My excitement for continued learning and a deep love for all aspects of Chinese medicine feels re-kindled. My practice location is TBD, but for now, that is ok. I'm remain excited for the potential to grow my practice and contribute the the community I am now a part of. We are choosing to welcome this huge transition for our family with as much grace, patience, and ease as possible. What a summer!

And just like heart got up and walked right out of my chest.

My oldest child started kindergarten today. Brave and excited, nervous and shy. We were feeling all of the emotions. We acknowledged ALL of them. Even the little one was both happy and sad as her big brother left her open-armed hug and entered his new school. I said a blessing for us and all the children that entered, both here and in other cities. May we all be held safe, held in love, held in happiness, and held in health. May these blessings reign down on us all.

The privelege and incredible breadth of emotions involved in raising a child is completely indescribable. I acknowledge the tremendous gift that it is to be a mom, not only once but two beautiful and healthy children. I am blessed. It was a leap when we decided to start a family too. I carried the weight of my own medical history and fears to overcome. Today, as we embarked on this "first day", I am grateful for ALL the moments. For the good ones, I strive to soak them in. I invite in all of my senses to fully absorb all aspects of their goodness...the feel of my child's skin against my cheek, the sound of their breath, the smell of their hair when their faces are pressed up against mine. My therapist once suggested counting to 10 in these moments allowing the body, mind, and spirit to be fully present and in a way, take a mental snapshot. It is so handy to call these moments back when I find myself in a much different place. For the not-so-great moments...well, they too will pass. I try to remember that. Sometimes I remember that with extra sips of coffee and sometimes a glass of wine. The other day I caught myself with both in hand and made a mental note not to take a sip of one followed by the other. I wasn't sure which was helping more in the thick of the challenging moment, but I would not recommend the combination! I have vowed to combine some deep breaths as a better substitute.

As we embark on the change of seasons and the start of the school year in very different times, I hope this period surrounds you with loving kindness. I am grateful for the sweet and gentle landing that we were gifted and I wish the same for others that may feel like they are also taking a leap into the unknown. May the universe hold you with care and love, and may happiness and health greet you each and every day!

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