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This is my wish for you...

As we close the year and enter a new one, how do you feel? I realize this is a loaded least for me it is. I know the topic of "New Years resolutions" makes some of us squirm while others of us may embrace this idea. I am on the fence, or rather choose to welcome a middle ground.

I began the process of closing out the past year by dusting off the juicer and making a green juice. Green juices are a party for the cells...I can almost feel mine jumping for joy when I drink it in! I vacuumed under the rugs, both literally and metaphorically. I called to mind a few goals in areas of my life that feel a bit untended to. Like a garden, we sow the seeds early for that which we hope to harvest later. Several seeds are currently germinating (stay tuned for some sweet things to come)*. I listened to the sound of a Tibetan singing bowl and let the vibration bring in both clarity and guidance to my being while also gently knocking the dust off of other areas. I drank water. I lit a candle. I sat in meditation.

The close of the past year is exactly that...a moment to pause, reflect, and let go. The year has come to an end. That chapter of our story has finished. What is it that you or I wish to let go of? Perhaps there is something or perhaps a few things. There is no need to ramble on about what we could leave behind in this past year, but as you pause to consider this, exhale...let it go.

In the present moment, find whatever quiet, softness, and calmness that you can gather and does it feel? Be still. Let your breath move in and out of your body. Sit with this for a moment. If there is discomfort, breathe and like the waves in the ocean, let it move past and through you. Breathe. Breathe again. Inhale and Exhale.

As we close our eyes tonight and open them to the new year tomorrow, what is it that you want to cultivate, manifest, or create? It does not have to be a "resolution", but rather a guiding light that you can call forth once in a while when you feel lost or maybe have strayed a bit from your intention for this new beginning. I like to think of "goals" in a "try and try again" sort of way. We are not failing if we have not achieved them, but rather can choose to recognize a moment to try again. When I lost touch a bit with meditation, my mala was a "welcome back". Some days I do not have time or cannot make time and that I have come to accept as being ok. I can try and try again later.

So my wish for you in this new year is to pause...let go of that which is no longer serving you well and bringing you happiness. Welcome in light, love, kindness, gentleness, health, and prosperity...both for you and those around you. Set forth with this in your heart and enter the new year with this radiating in your being. Breathe. I will be here doing the same.

*If this resonates with you or perhaps the mention of germinating seeds has peaked your interest...please subscribe to my blog or contact me through my website. I would love to keep you posted!

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