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What is an urban homestead?

Urban homestead has multiple different definitions, but the one I'm going to focus on is this. An urban homestead is a household that produces a significant amount of its food, including produce and livestock. Most urban homesteads are started with the intention to live in a more environmentally friendly manner.

I took an organic gardening class as an elective shortly after moving to Seattle. One of our assignments was to create a garden model incorporating multiple components from the class. It was by far one of my favorite assignments ever! I created something I thought was only possible in my dreams. At the time, we were living in a tiny apartment with only a cement balcony for outdoor space. We were growing what we could in containers and even started a worm bin that year.

Below are the photos of my project which was created almost 10 years ago. On the left is my apple tree, 3-part compost bin, worm box, and chicken coop complete with a living roof and herb box. In the middle, is a garden of lavender and allium bulbs with a hanging tomato plant. The lavender was there to attract bees and the allium was there to repel unwanted pests. The tomato plant was hanging to maximize the use of space. On the right is the greenhouse.

I feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment and gratitude as I recognize that we have been able to make the majority of this project a reality. Each year, we've added more to our small homestead. We're no where close to being fully self-sustainable, but we're taking steps in the right direction. If you're curious about organic gardening and urban homesteading, my advice is go for it! Jump in! There is something healing about working in the dirt. Don't be overwhelmed thinking that you need acreage or a certain fancy set up to get started. Know that you can make a difference no matter how small the first step is. Start somewhere, but dream big!


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