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My Healing Homestead, LLC is no longer accepting NEW patients, with the exception of the CampFire and Willamette Primary auction packages. I will continue to see current patients through the summer months and then will transition into a new full-time position this fall with limited availability for acupuncture scheduling.

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Adult Acupuncture - In Person Visit  (18 years and older)

The initial visit is 90 minutes. During this time we cover your health history and goals for treatment. A customized acupuncture treatment takes place in the last part of this visit. Your acupuncture treatment may include acupuncture and other accessory techniques including cupping, guasha, moxibustion, Eastern nutrition and/or herbal medicine recommendation. Follow up visits are 60 minutes. For more information on acupuncture and how it works, please visit the FAQ page.

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Pediatric Acupuncture - In Person Visits (0-17 years old)

The initial visit is a 90 minute appointment. These are customized needle-less or acupuncture treatments for children from newborn through teenage years. Eastern nutrition and herbal recommendations may be made at this time. We are happy to offer the consultation via telemedicine to minimize time in the office and facilitate a private and uninterrupted discussion that is both mindful of a child's need to move and also respectful of topics that your child may be sensitive to having discussed in person. Please call or email to schedule this complimentary consultation. Follow up visits are 60 minutes and consist of a time to check in in-person and your child's treatment. 

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Herbal consults are available via telemedicine. Time is taken to first review your medical history, general health, and current symptoms, before making individualized herbal recommendations. We will be stocking a small number of formulas mainly for immune support and cold and flu-like symptoms, however most herbal formulas will need to be ordered and will be available for pickup at the office about a week after your consult. Herbal consults are a great option for those that are suffering from cold or flu symptoms and are not able to come in for an in-person visit.

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